We've taken 6 existing Andy's preprint designs and reworked the colors to gray scale for a dramatic new look. Essentially streamlining multi-color designs to just shades of gray and white on black shirts, it's a fresh new look, and we think you'll like the minimalist color scheme. All Midnight Series designs are on black tee shirts, and have become a popular variation of our preprint designs. Choose your favorites here.

Andy's Tee Shirts is pleased to offer three more preprint shirt designs, available for purchase now. The first features a trio of classic Chevy pickup trucks in an array of vibrant hues. Yet another highlights a beautiful nostalgic movie theatre marquis scene, with a Mercury out front to drive back the memories. Finally, cruising its way into the Andy's catalog is a tee shirt design honoring the newly redesigned retro-style Camaro in all its glory. The entire collection and more can be purchased immediately here.


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